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Moderna vs. Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

#TeamLandau member, Kaitlyn Claybrook, recently provided a chart that answers these questions and sheds more light on each vaccine.

What a time to be alive!

As I reflect on the year and all of the hardships that we health care providers endured so gracefully; it leaves me speechless.

2020: A Year to Remember

When the New Year's ball dropped and the first few days of 2020 occurred, no one imagined the path that this year would take. With the...

Virtual Residency Interview Tips

Dr. Swenson just conducted her first virtual residency interview. In this blog, she shares tips for interviews & virtual interviews.

Landau Introduces Landau MyFit App

Landau Uniforms Introduces Contactless Measuring App with Sizer Technologies Landau Uniforms, the nation’s leading quality apparel...

What to Wear in Medical School

There are times in med school when you will have to dress business-casual or professional. School dress codes are different between schools.

We are THANKFUL for YOU.

We are thankful for all healthcare workers, their sacrifices, dedication and willingness to fight for us.

Life as a non-traditional dental student

Life as a non-traditional student in any field is hard but being a non-traditional student in healthcare is particularly challenging.

How to Stay Motivated to Study 📚

It has been a struggle at times to study. Here are some things that I’ve found helpful for studying both in and out of the quarantine.