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You are Amazing...

Introducing the 2022 Amaze Yourself Scholarship!

For the last 10 years, we have called on those dedicated to the pursuit of wellness and positive social change, and each year are blown away by the amazing people who answer our call. Because of this, we are SO excited and honored to announce the 2022 Amaze Yourself Scholarship.

The application process will be similar to last year's application. Applicants will be required to submit a video (1-4 minutes long) and submit proof of their enrollment. You can view the requirements and apply at

This year, we will be offering the following prize packages:

1st Place Recipient - $2,500 + quarterly care packages

2nd Place Recipient - $1,500

3rd Place Recipient - $1,000

The top 25 will also receive a care package, including a pair of ProFlex scrubs, compression socks, a t-shirt and anything that they currently need on their journey.

Check out the 2021 Scholarship recipients below:

Robert Yu | $2,500 - 1st Place Recipient

Robert Yu is a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Samuel Merritt University. He was inspired by the physical therapists he worked with after his injury and hopes to help others the way that he was helped one day. His passion and drive to succeed and care for others has led to the receiving of many awards and certifications.

Learn more about Robert and watch his 2021 submission video here.

Lauren Menke | $1,500 - 2nd Place Recipient

Lauren Menke is a student at Case Western Reserve University and plans on attending medical school following graduation to become a cardiologist. In addition to her numerous educational achievements, she also was an athlete, participating in cross country and swimming, band member and volunteered with numerous organizations. Lauren also helps host a race, 4 Miles for Heart & Health, in honor of her father.

Learn more about Lauren and watch her 2021 submission video here.

Gerita Perry | $1,000 - 3rd Place Recipient

Gerita Perry is a nurse in the Memphis area. In addition to her current nursing career, she hopes to one day become a Nurse Practitioner and specializing in women’s health. In addition to her educational success, Gerita is a mom and has worked tirelessly to help others, volunteering at her old elementary school, A Step Ahead Foundation, and as a COVID-19 vaccinator.

Learn more about Gerita and watch her 2021 submission video here.

Check out the full list of 2021 recipients here.

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