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Burnout Prevention 😫

By Breean Beers, PA-C, @unfilteredbeers

Are you feeling tired, overworked, and need some time away + 🍻 ?

I love giving each day to my patients, but sometimes I feel like I forget to give to myself, especially during the week. Here are some of my personal goals to help prevent burnout:

🌾 Don’t stay at work more than 30 minutes after my last patient - I would rather be snuggled up with my husband + puppy child on the couch doing notes, than at my desk where I already spent 10 hours.

🌾 Don’t always be the “yes man” - I would ALWAYS take the walk-in/extra patient (which is sometimes needed for emergent concerns), but it’s OK to say no - to be fair to you AND your already scheduled patients.

🌾Take some weekends to really put work FULLY away - No laptop, no calls, no charting. You deserve it.


Breean Beers, PA-C & #teamLandau member, is a board-certified dermatology physician associate. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, P.A. Upon graduation, she was inducted into Pi Alpha, the National Honor Society for Physician Assistants, and was awarded the class Award for Academic Excellence.

Follow her on Instagram @unfilteredbeers, to follow along with her journey being a certified dermatology physician associate.

A version of this blog post first appeared on Breean's Instagram. To view the original version, click here.

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