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How to Care for your Coat

POV: Whoever said white is a good lab coat color, was seriously disturbed. - Elle Woods

BUT since white is the preferred lab coat color, here are a few tips and tricks on keeping your coat clean:

1️⃣ Basic cleaning, because who wants a dirty white coat - Make sure you are washing your coat regularly, especially when there is a stain involved. Wash your coat in warm water with like colors with a detergent that has enzymes and optical brighteners. Depending on the fabric of the coat, dry in the dryer and iron after.

2️⃣ Bloodstains - First, apply hydrogen peroxide and blot with gauze as soon as possible. Then wash your coat in cold water with plenty of detergent and a detergent booster.

3️⃣ Coffee & Food stains, because let's be real - Put some cold water on the stain as soon as possible. When you get home, spray stain remover on the coffee stain and wash your coat right away.

4️⃣ Ink stains - These can be tricky. DO NOT put water on the stain. Take some hairspray spray it generously on the stain and DO NOT rub it in. Leave the coat to sit for at least an hour and then wash normally. Check to ensure the stain is gone before tossing the coat in the dryer. If it is still there, repeat the hairspray step.

5️⃣ Contagious bodily fluids - BLEACH. Soak your coat in a bucket of warm water and bleach for at least 30 minutes. Then wash in warm water with laundry detergent.

6️⃣ When your coat needs a reboot - spray any stains with stain remover and let it soak in. Then let your coat soak in warm water and detergent booster overnight. In the morning soak your coat in warm water and bleach for 30 minutes and wash your coat on a heavy-duty cycle with plenty of detergent.

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*Tips courtesy of @studentdoctornetwork

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