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How to you prepare to perform? Performance Tips from #TeamUrbane

How do you prepare for a day, or night, at work? Do you have special routines that you do before going to work, a specific food that you eat?

We recently asked #TeamUrbane how they prepare before a shift at work. Check out their performance tips below, and check out the newly redesigned Performance collection here.

"Mindset is key to performance, and a positive mindset is what drives one to accomplish goals for the day. That is how I strive to wake up each and every morning -- with a positive mindset.

As someone who enjoys a steady flow, my mornings are also fueled with cups of coffee. That smell of freshly brewed, "pick-me-up" goodness is all it takes for me to shift my focus on what I want to tackle for the day! #PerformanceinPractice" - Annika, @caffeinatedscrubs

"As a physician in private practice, every day is different when it comes to my schedule. Some days are busier than others. On days when I’m on the go from the clinic to the operating room, or even to a nursing home, I want to feel comfortable and confident in my choice of scrubs. The stretch, the fit, and the comfort of Urbane Performance scrubs delivers all of that!" - Dr. Oteri-Tsague, @richmondpremierfootankle

"Starting your day off right and preparing to perform can impact your daily efficiency and productivity. I prepare to perform by having a solid morning and daily routine. This includes getting a good night’s rest. I also get up as soon as my alarm goes off instead of hitting snooze. When I hit snooze and take a little nap before getting up, I wake up even more tired!

Preparing myself and getting ready on time allows me to concentrate on work rather than being scatterbrained or in a rush to get to work on time. Getting ready for work in the morning isn’t always easy, so I try to make it more enjoyable by playing some fun music that I love to listen to! Looking good and feeling good is such a game-changer! I throw on my favorite pair of scrubs, Urbane, because they keep me comfortable and feeling confident during my day. They’re highly functional and convenient for work in addition to looking stylish.

Some key components of preparing to perform also include organizing your work, prioritizing your tasks, and managing your time efficiently. To stay on track throughout the day, I try to avoid procrastinating so I can finish my work on time. It is also very important to take breaks when needed and replenish your body with food and water! Finding a routine that works for you and helps prepare you for the day will ultimately improve your performance and productivity!" - Jellica Mae, @jellicamae

"Preparing for a shift starts for me the night before. Having my stuff packed and ready to go the night before and ensuring a get adequate sleep helps me perform my best during a shift. Then, on the way to work, I drink my coffee and listen to music that helps get me hyped for a day at work, whether that be in the ER, ICU or clinic day."- Dr. Cory, @theguiceisright

Check out how #TeamUrbane styles Urbane Performance on INSTAGRAM!

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