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Landau Introduces Landau MyFit App

Landau Uniforms Introduces Contactless Measuring App with Sizer Technologies

Landau Uniforms, the nation’s leading quality apparel manufacturer for the health care industry, announced the launch of the Landau MyFit app with Sizer Technologies, providing a contactless measuring solution.

“Following an intense market study, Landau selected Sizer as its digital measuring partner due to its very impressive high accuracy and ease of use,” said Will Hacker, vice president of business development at Landau Uniforms.

With Sizer, Landau’s customers will benefit from an immediate, responsive solution to fitting their customers’ employees with their essential workwear. This will remove the costly need for time-consuming and labor-intensive manual fitting sessions, and the complex logistics of sampling size sets.

Through the partnership, Sizer is developing a fully customized, white-label app for Landau, due to roll-out in early 2021 under the name Landau MyFit. Landau’s plan is to bring Sizer’s technology to their customers next year and to rapidly grow this technology within their business.

“Sizer’s highly accurate sizing solutions together with Landau’s promise to always exceed customer expectations and ensure every garment is made to fit and made to last, are a great match,” added Hacker. “We are confident this game-changing sizing solution will appeal strongly to our client base.”

The app itself is easy to use and with a quick measuring process, completed within just two minutes, a lot of time is saved. Simply by using a mobile application and the front-end camera of any smartphone or tablet, Sizer’s technology generates body measurements, and then accurately determine size recommendations for each garment for every user.

During the measuring process, the user is guided to perform a few simple poses as they interact with the application, during which time a series of images are taken from different angles that help determine exact measurements. This application does not save or store the user’s images following the measurement process.

Sizer’s online intuitive dashboard automatically streamlines all these body data measurements and will enable Landau to manage its multiple accounts with great efficiency and with detailed customized reporting.

“Teaming-up with industry leader, Landau Uniforms, is a very exciting opportunity for us,” concludes Adam Kaplan, CEO at Sizer. “Together we can both truly solve massive customer friction, which has been amplified even more by the current health crisis. Our solution will ensure employees will always get their perfect fitting uniform/scrubs, whilst getting measured in the comfort and safety of their own home.”

For further information:

Will Hacker, VP Business Development at Landau | | 832-541-6051

Nicole Levitt, VP Marketing at Sizer | | +972-54-423-2478

About Landau Uniforms, Inc.

At Landau, our family started crafting quality scrubs more than 55 years ago. After pioneering the healthcare uniform market, we’ve never stopped seeking out ways to improve it. It’s the main reason why Landau has been around for such a long time: we make quality scrubs the right way from the very best materials available. We stand behind every stitch of every garment we make. If it says Landau, it’s made to fit and made to last. We’re willing to bet our name on it.

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About Sizer Technologies

Sizer’s industry-first, ground-breaking, digital approach to body measurements is a transformative solution, using digital technology to solve the intensive customer challenge of finding the right fit. Headquartered in Israel, the self-measuring technology behind Sizer is the most accurate in the market and is patented worldwide, after being developed by world-class computer vision engineers.

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