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Learning to be You

By Briana, PA-S2, @medically.bri

#TeamLandau member, Briana (@medically.bri), published a post informing her experiences in learning and understanding what being "unique" means to her. Read her story and information about self-experiences and uniqueness below or on her Instagram.

Follow her on Instagram for more tips and her journey as a PA student.


"Being your authentic self is the only way to get ahead because nobody can compete with you when it comes to being you."

I always struggled with wondering if what I was doing was “unique", as in shadowing, doing extracurricular activities, volunteering, and excelling in school.

It took me a long time to realize that these experiences were unique to me! I was the one going through them, I was the one learning from these experiences, and I was the one that would be able to tell others about them. That’s what makes you unique... your experiences, your journey, what you have learned from these experiences, and what you have gotten out of them. ⁣

You are so special. ⁣You are so amazing! So don’t undervalue the experiences you have. ⁣

I learned how to be considerate of others' situations, become open minded, and learned the importance of community.

What is something you learned from your experiences?!


About Briana:

Briana is currently a PA-S2 at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. She has graduated with a bachelor's in May 2020, majoring in Biomedical Science and minor in Biology. After graduation, Briana has been on her journey to becoming a physician assistant. She has various of experiences in volunteer work with the Pre PA Society and HOSA, she has worked as an uncertified MA, and shadowed in various hospital departments and PAs.

Briana can be found on her Instagram, @medically.bri, where she provides tips, motivational posts, and educational information.


A version of this blog first appeared on Briana's Instagram. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author.

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