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Landau Proflex Curved Hem Top and Cargo Pant with PWRcor™ Waistband vs Urbane Impulse Review

By Shannen Coley, MS, OTR/L

I have come to the conclusion that I wear scrubs more than I wear “real” clothes!

No need to even attempt to hide it Lordttt!!!! Thankfully (both to my wallet and to my self-image), I have been partnering with Landau Uniforms and Urbane Scrubs for the past 3 years now so because of that I have had the honor of trying many of their different styles and fits. (Did ya know: Landau Uniforms encompasses Urbane Scrubs?? More on that later…)

In this blog post, I will be sharing about two specific scrub sets that portray very different fits and styles.


I will be sharing which one I prefer over the other based on my personal preferences and situations. PSA both pairs of these scrubs are getting their use I can promise you that. Remember that your body type and your sensory preferences may sway you more to one scrub set vs the other and that is perfectly okay:)

My body style (I guess…? #idkanymore) in my opinion is classified as slim athletic, so I tend to feel my best in scrub fits that are movable, flexible, and durable.


Your body is uniquely yours and ya don’t have to give it a label; I think “slim athletic” describes my shape, but that can change based on how much Ice cream I ate that day;)

In regard to feel, I typically prefer scrubs with a “cooling”, dry-fit style material as my Irish blood tends to boil (no, really my dad’s entire family lives in Northern Ireland:)… does that make me permanently lucky(: ?? ).

Basically, I am hot-natured and in conjunction with the high movement, moderately physical elements of my job as an occupational therapist in a rehabilitative setting, I gravitate toward scrubs that are moisture-wicking.

As an occupational therapist, I cannot help but to also point out my other big sensory preference. In addition to “cooling” scrubs styles, I prefer tighter fitting (picture yoga pants – that are stretchy but tighter to your body feeling). As far as style goes, I *usually like figure-flattering and simplicity (at least most of the time) and deep pocket styles.

Okay so before we dive into the scrubs sets…

here is a little why I LOVE LANDAU!

A few tokens of appreciation in my continuing collaborations with Landau Uniforms:

  • their customer service is very nice

  • their marketing team who communicates with any ambassadors is by far the most prompt in answering any questions / responding to feedback

  • they have been around the block for a good long while (#familyoriented)

  • their scrubs are always dependable and durable

  • their response to feedback even negative feedback is excellent

  • they continue to come out with new designs

Brief Review of Landau Proflex Curved Hem Top and Cargo Pant with PWRcor™ Waistband

*For reference: I am 5’6″, ~135 pounds; I am wearing a Size Small in both Tops and Bottoms

Landau Proflex Curved Hem Top (4169)

Materials: 73% Poly/25% Rayon/2% Span

Impressions: Top is true to size although if you have more muscular shoulders or prefer more “T-shirt” feeling sleeves around your shoulders/armpits, I would suggest sizing up. I love that this top does not ride up and that the curved hemline, angled seams, and V-neck is stylish but not over-dramatic. Very functional with top pockets and an accessory pocket on the left with an overall tailored girly fit.

Landau Cargo Pant With PWRcor™ Waistband (2045)

Materials: 73% Poly/25% Rayon/2% Span

Impressions: Definitely recommend sizing up, but holy cannoli I feel sleek in these cargo pants. The PWRcor Compression waist is excellent, but I’d prefer a size up for a little less support (this may not be true for you!). These pants really hit the mark in durability, sportiness, anti-rolling waistband, and functionality of multiple pockets (literally back, side, and accessory). And the best feature to me is the “cool” (temperature) feeling that they offer.

Impulse V-Neck Top With Elastic Trim (9105)

Materials: 76% Poly/ 24% Spandex.

Impressions: True to size. I definitely describe these scrubs as fancy and glam. This top is slim-fitting but provides 360-degree stretch so basically no restrictions on movement. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mesh accent on the V-neck is not scratchy at all. There are multiple pockets and a badge loop. Basically, these are the “nice scrubs” you save for when you have presentations or in-services”

Impulse Jogger With Elastic Trim (9208)

Materials: 76% Poly/ 24% Spandex

Impressions: True to size. Like I referenced about the matching top, these extremely stretchy joggers with mesh trim around the bottom are all glam! When provided a choice between joggers and straight leg styles, I always pick straight leg; however, in this case, I feel very happy with the way these look and feel on my body. My only critique is that the two hip pockets are angled; I prefer straight across pockets as a personal preference. These are definitely contemporary and will draw attention to you!

This or That: Landau Proflex w/PWRcor vs Urbane Impulse Edition

>>>>>will be going, gooooooiiing all day long: Landau Proflex with PWRcor Waistband

>>>>>feeling like I need a pick-me-up in mood: Urbane Scrubs Impulse

>>>>>desiring to look “dressier”: Urbane Scrubs Impulse

>>>>>wanting more support: Landau Proflex with PWRcor Waistband

>>>>craving a durable, classic fit: Landau Proflex with PWRcor Waistband

Final thoughts: Ultimately, both of these scrub sets offer varied intricacies which make them unique from each other. Of the two during this season of “2020 crazies”, I prefer the Urbane Scrubs Impulse set because they help me feel a little more fun and dazzley wearing them under my gown, gloves, N95, and face shield. #2020things

“Okay, but which of all the scrubs you have tried are your favorite??” …. my Favorite of All-time Scrub set continues to be Urbane Scrubs Align Collection !!! THOSE ARE MY JAM!! AHH NEED THOSE IN EVERY COLOR!!! I have the Urbane Align V-Neck Tunic Top and the Align Straight Leg Pant with PWRcor. They just came out with a new top that I haven’t tried yet called the Align Top with Knit Panels (***dreamy)….

I can continue to rave but this blog post is getting a little (or a lottle) too long.

‘Til next time!!

A version of this article first appeared on the blog Shannen Marie OT. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author.

Shannen Marie Coley received her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of South Alabama in December 2016. Since graduation, Shannen has been working in adult rehabilitation in both hospital and facility settings. She works with individuals from various backgrounds who have diverse neurological, orthopedic, and cardiopulmonary conditions. Shannen is LSVT Big Certified and finds the most joy in working with clients and families with neurological changes. She enjoys writing and creating content for OT advocacy and learning purposes on her blog Shannen Marie OT and on her Instagram @shannenmarie_ot. Shannen considers herself a lifelong learner who seeks mentorship, enjoys being a mentee, hopes to dabble in guest lecturing in the imminent future, and aspires to continue her education with a post-professional OTD or PhD later on in her career. Shannen is supported by her husband, James, whose occupational balance she helps monitor and facilitate during his medical residency training.

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