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School Tips for Spring 2022

Are you starting or continuing your education this Spring?

Check out our Amaze Yourself Scholarship for a chance to receive up to $2,500 toward your education and the studying tips our team put together below.

Stay organized with these studying tips:

1. Plan your planning

Prepare being prepared by setting a time biweekly or monthly to gather what assignments, major projects, or exams are coming up.

2. Study by Breaking Down the Concept.

If you understand the concept as a whole you are more likely to successfully answer questions about it. Use the tree method to study.


Main Concept 1

Vocabulary Associated with Main Concept 1 Run through questions or scenarios Where Main Idea Applies

Main Concept 2

*Our favorite way to use this method is by making notecards after each chapter i.e.

Chapter One:

Flash Card - Front: Main Concept 1 in the middle

At the very bottom, write down a question you, if you were a teacher, would ask about this concept

Flash Card - Back: Write down the answer to the question

3. Avoid cram studying by studying a little each week.

After a chapter or two set some time aside to reread or study the chapter while it's fresh on your mind. Do this by re-taking quizzes, re-reading the chapter, making notecards.

As the chapters pass study the one before (making notecards for this is very useful because by the time each test rolls around all you will have to do is study the cards). For example:

Monday: Learn Chapter 1

  • Study Chapter 1 the following day to ensure it is fresh in your mind.

Wednesday: Learn Chapter 2

  • Briefly Study Chapter 1 and focus on Chapter 2 the following day.

Friday: Learn Chapter 3

  • Briefly study Chapter 1 and 2, then focus on Chapter 3 the following day.

Continue this schedule up until the exam so that you are familiar with each concept. By using this method, you can reserve the days leading up to the exam on learning the material that isn't sticking.

Did these studying tips help you? DM us on Instagram at @landauuniforms or @urbanescrubs and let us know or share tips of your own!

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