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Silencing Negative Thoughts

By Kajal Mali, @strugsnscrubs

Silence that inner negative voice and shut down your doubts by giving them a name. Don’t even give those thoughts an opportunity to exist!

The best way that I like to think of this is that if anyone around me were to tell me the things that these negative thoughts do, I probably wouldn’t be their friend—so why say it to yourself??

SILENCIO BRUNO!! Fear, doubt, and uncertainty are all natural feelings, but when they start to hinder your ability to accomplish things, it’s a problem. Don’t let the fear stop you from being your best self and living your best life! Don’t let the uncertainty of how things might turn out prevent you from starting. Don’t let the doubt trick you into believing that you can’t! YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN.

I know the fear of failing is probably one of the biggest fears that stop anyone from starting. WHO CARES IF YOU FAIL? Fall down and get up again. No one who is anyone got to where they are without falling down a couple of hundred times. The growth that you get from falling over and picking yourself up is not something you can read in a book, but rather something you just experience. Let’s stop putting so much negativity around failing and just start doing. Whatever happens, happens, and if it’s not the outcome you were looking for, TRY AGAIN!

And by the way, I’m so proud of you! In case anyone hasn’t heard this in a while. I’m proud of you for chasing after your dreams. I’m proud of you for recognizing you need rest and taking it. I’m proud of you for waking up today and getting out of bed. I’m proud of you for letting go of something that was hard to let go of. I’m proud of you for eating today. I’m proud of you for every step you take to be unapologetically YOU. I’m proud of you for taking a leap of faith. I’m proud of you for trying. Everyone deserves to be reminded that someone is rooting for them! I am rooting for you :-)

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