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That social support looks different when we are in it together!

By Charlotte Georgiou, @stethoscopesandsarcasm

I am a first-year dental student, and my husband, Andrew, is a future physician assistant.

We get how hard it is for the other.

We understand how much support we need to offer the other, and with three kids, that is particularly true (we both need a lot of support and so do our kids!)

Social support is so crucial for students of the health professions, and even more so when you are a non-traditional parent-student, as we both are.

But that social support hits differently when both you and your significant other are both in healthcare training.

Sure, we are in different professions or specialties, but the rigors and time commitment of the training are similar. We both have to study long days, sometimes in the evening, sometimes over the weekends.

Somedays we are a little more stressed than others, due to an exam or practical. Somedays we just need to recharge.

But importantly, we both get it. There is never any judgment or negativity if the other has to study or practice. NEVER! And we are so proud of the achievements of the other.

Every single little win is celebrated in our house, from completing an exam to submitting an assignment, these things are shared and supported. And on the days that we feel low, we boost each other. We never allow the other to wallow or forget how wonderful they are!

Because this journey of healthcare training is a marathon, not a sprint, and having someone on the journey alongside you is incredible.

And in a few years, when we have both completed our career-changing training, we will also understand the schedule of the other, and support each other through the tough times of the first few years of practice and beyond.

I can’t imagine not doing this together, and I am glad I have Andrew to turn to, daily!

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