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How to Stay Motivated to Study 📚

By Priyanka & Ayesha

It has definitely been a struggle at times to stay motivated to study, especially with having to transition to online classes and just the overall uncertainty that’s surrounding all of us. Here are some things that I’ve found helpful for studying both in and out of the quarantine.

Tip 1 ☺️: Keeping my phone out of sight. The popular saying goes “out of sight, out of mind.” I’ve found this to be true when it comes to my phone. Doing this helps me to stay focused and on task. My phone is probably my biggest distraction, so removing it from my direct or peripheral vision is super helpful for me.

Tip 2 ☺️: Planning my study breaks. Planning my study breaks helps break down my day into smaller and more digestible goals. I personally like to take a small, 5-10 minute study break every hour or so, but I know people who take larger study breaks after studying for a few hours straight. During the quarantine, my favorite study break is to go annoy Ayesha for a bit, as a proper younger sister should! 😝

Tip 3 ☺️: Talking to other people. This one has been super helpful for me in the quarantine since I can’t go out. I make sure I spend time with my family every day, even if it’s just over meals. Spending time with family and friends, even if only over the phone or on video chat, is a great way to de-stress and have some fun! When you go back to studying, you’ll feel more prepared to tackle what’s at hand.

Tip 4 ☺️: Maintaining a routine. This one has been challenging for me, I’ll admit, especially when I want to sleep in. But I’ve found that sleeping and eating at around the same times every day has helped me stay motivated while having to study. It’s healthier and helps me to be in the right mindset.

Tip 5 ☺️: Remembering why you’re doing it. Remember how excited you were for med school? Remember your white coat ceremony? Med school’s rough but remembering that you’re doing this for not only yourself but also your future patients has helped me a lot. Quarantine will end, but the need for passionate physicians won’t.

Hope these help you in some way! Stay safe!

Much love,



Ayesha and Priyanka are both 2-year medical students at two separate medical schools who are sharing their journey through school on Instagram.

Ayesha is an osteopathic medical student in rural, southwestern Virginia. She took a 2-year gap between college and medical school.

Priyanka is an allopathic medical student in urban Philadelphia. She finished college in 3 years and headed to medical school directly after.

Follow them on Instagram as they share (and compare!) their experiences in getting to medical school, their journeys now, and helpful tips for pre-medical students and medical students.

A version of this blog first appeared on the @latelymed Instagram. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author.

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