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Behind the Scenes: The making of IMPULSE

Impulse [ˈimˌpəls] – a driving, motivating desire to….

…advocate for patients.

…jump to action.

…save lives.

Our team recently sat down with our Director of Creative Design and Merchandising, Tupita, to discuss the NEW, innovative activewear collection from Urbane - Impulse. This new collection features 360-degree, MAXIMUM stretch, lightweight, durable fabric and chic design details.

What was the concept behind and inspiration for this new product collection? (00:17)

Tupita: The concept behind Urbane Impulse was really about trying to find a fabric that was going to be comfortable. We know that our end users are in our garments for 10-15 hours a day, so comfort was key here.

We wanted to make sure we found a fabric that was super comfortable. We were inspired by seeing something in the performance activewear market that looked like a woven fabric but indeed it was a knit fabric and stretched all the way around. When we saw that, we were super excited and decided we wanted to find a similar fabric. When we looked in the market, we found this fabric we knew this was it.

Comfort was our biggest feature. Second to that was how to we get this product to look different on the body as our product and our competitors’ products look similar on the body. We wanted to make sure we found a trim that made the scrubs look a little different. When we came across the striped trim, we thought this was a great design element to feature.

Can you go into the design process for Impulse? (02:08)

Tupita: At times it’s a combination of both looking for the fabric and starting the design. It depends on what the driving factor for the collection is. In this case, because the biggest factor was comfort and flexibility and performance, the fabric took a big leap in front of the design. Other times you develop the design, and then look for a fabric that will best fit that design. For Impulse, fabric took priority.

Since we were inspired by this fabric from the performance activewear market, we thought it was only fitting to incorporate the cover stitching details and seeming features that you see often in performance activewear – number one because of the visual design inspiration and number two because of the functionality. The cover stitch is what is going to give you the ultimate flexibility, which you see in swimwear. We had to incorporate that type of stitching to ensure the fabric was able to stretch and retract but also, we wanted to make sure we included some of the more forward seeming details so it wasn’t just your classic side seams.

In addition, we included functional features, like a badge loop, and making sure the top and pant had plenty of pockets because those are an important feature for our customers. We also wanted to ensure the pockets were top load pockets and that your essentials didn’t fall out of them throughout the day. Then the icing on the cake was the striped elastic trim, and that was what really set it apart and differentiated it from other collections in the market.

What is your favorite design detail of this new collection? (06:12)

Tupita: I’d have to say I have two favorite design details for Impulse. Number one I would have to say is the fabric. I think the fabric is the right combination of comfort and it can be tailored which is important for a knit fabric. A lot of fabrics that we know as knits are too lightweight, they are great for a t-shirt, but they don’t have enough support for a pocket or enough coverage for a pant. Finding the fabric and the fact that it was comfortable was important.

Second would be the elastic trim that we have at the neck and the ankle of the jogger. That trim has been out on the market for intimate apparel, swimwear, athletic wear, and when we looked for the trim, we looked at all types of different elastic trim. It was a huge effort to find the one that we ended up using. It was the right width, sizing, feel and to be able to sew it to the fabric was extremely important.

Can you elaborate further on the design features of Impulse? (07:56)

Tupita: One of the things that we wanted to make sure we included was that this collection is a contemporary fit. It is a closer to the body fit, which is going to make sure that the fabric looks the best on your body. We wanted to make sure that the fit is close to the body but that it still looked professional and it still looked tailored.

We also wanted to make sure we incorporated lots of pockets on the tops, to make sure you have plenty of places to put your essentials, as well as on the pant with the cargo pockets on both sides of the pant. The fabric does support putting things in the pockets, which is essential.

We also introduced a straight-leg pant and a jogger option. We wanted to make sure we left the straight-leg pant a little cleaner and make sure the jogger had a little touch of the elastic at the bottom. And some days you may feel like wearing a straight-leg pant and other days you can wear a jogger. One of the things that we really liked about the jogger was that it doesn’t look like a scrub pant and that you can put a sneaker on and wear it to the gym or go get coffee.

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