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Behind the Scenes: The PWRcor Waistband

Advanced compression technology that brings PWR to your core. 💪

Recently, we sat down with our Director of Creative Design and Merchandising, Tupita, to discuss the PWRcor waistband - advanced compression technology, first introduced by Urbane Scrubs and now available from Landau Uniforms.

What was the concept and inspiration behind the PWRcor waistband? (00:21)

Tupita: Our concept behind the PWRcor waistband was really about what we were seeing in the activewear market, specifically the yoga wear market. We started seeing a trend with higher waistband pants that are sitting closer to the natural waist. We thought there were some great benefits and features and a great comfort factor that was coming with that type of waistband so we thought it would potentially be a great crossover in the scrubs market for our end users.

One of the things we also considered was what we could do to make the waistband better for our customers. A lot of manufacturers were building compression into the natural fabric of the waistband, but we thought we could probably to a little bit better so we sort of married the compression with another concept you see in swimwear - the tummy control panels built into swimwear. We started to see this technology build into work pants and jeans but only power mesh featured in the front or pocketed into the pant. We thought it would be a great opportunity to marry these two concepts, so we decided to add two layers of power mesh inside the waistband.

The PWRcor waistband is made up of three key features:

  1. An external knit fabric, which is more of a fabric that we would see in the activewear market today, a high-density knit fabric.

  2. Inside the waistband are two layers of power mesh fabric. We could have stopped and just incorporated this at the front but, we decided to include it around the entire waistband to give our end user 360-degrees of support. When you think about performance compression activewear, the idea behind it is the compression helps keep your muscles more supple and helps them recover more quickly, so we thought this was a great crossover for our customer who is highly active throughout the day.

  3. The fit of the waistband. There are a lot of yoga-style waistbands in the market today, but ours was intentionally made to be higher and sit at the natural waist so that it doesn't roll down and it is a more comfortable fit. Also, if you look at the PWRcor waistband it is shaped to be more fitted at the wearer's natural waist, otherwise, the waistband would just stick out and easily roll down. If you look at the back of the waistband, we've also added in panels to ad shaping and provide extra support for the customer.

Can you detail the design process for the PWRcor waistband? (4:51)

Tupita: Our design team had done some market shopping in the activewear market and really wanted to incorporate a compression waistband. We started with the waistband when we started the design process, which started with our Align collection in Urbane.

With Align, we found a fabric that we really liked that featured four-way stretch and thought it had great potential for stretching and retraction. We saw a great opportunity for a crossover from performance activewear. We wanted to make sure that we created those performance activewear details so we started with the waistband and then moved on to the rest of the scrub which is interesting because usually a lot of our design inspiration will start with the top and work down to the pant. With this collection, we instead started with the waistband and pant.

We added cover stitching, angled cargo pockets, and a contemporary, sleek, performance fit for Align. We loved with Align how we incorporated the silver details - the silver mesh pocket bag and silver piping details. Then we felt we had something great and didn't want to just leave the waistband with our Align collection, so we moved to Urbane Ultimate. We thought the PWRcor waistband would be a great addition to our softest fabric and one of our most popular collections.

Our newest foray has been ProFlex. The challenge with our ProFlex collection was cost, because we didn't want to take any shortcuts with the PWRcor waistband, and we didn't.

Do you have a favorite feature or design detail for the PWRcor waistband? (9:26)

Tupita: My favorite design detail is the internal drawcord detail that we incorporated. We fought really hard to make that happen. There is a lot of construction that goes on to make that little drawstring work with the waistband.

We had a great collaborative effort with our technical design team, and the one thing that we noticed as we started to incorporate these tighter fitting scrubs, the traditional drawcord on the outside would poke out. We wanted to make sure we could incorporate the drawcord so that it could be internal. This was inspired by the performance activewear market and thought this would be a great thing to have because you could knot it and as you go through your day, the drawcord just moves with you.

The idea is the waistband and the drawcord are flexible and move with you.

We as a design team always keep in mind that our customers don't need a product that is fussy, they don't need to be bothered by their scrubs or having their waistband rolling over. They are doing far more important things and don't need to be bothered by their scrubs.

Did you try out the product before moving forward with the waistband design? (14:02)

Tupita: When we first developed this product, we knew this was going to be something different from what is currently out there. We wanted to make sure that if anyone was going to have anything negative to say that we tested it first and resolved those design issues first. Because of this, our design team actually wear-tested the product first with an array of different sizes and we made sure we had at least two different people from each size to wear the garment, wash the garment and then wear the garment again.

We wanted to make sure that any callouts that were made, were made by the design team as a group. We did have a couple of changes that we made to the design of the pant and waistband after we all tested the product. We actually had one team member wear the pant to the gym to test out the waistband and the fit of the pant.

After we finalized the design, we had customers try on the pant and test out the pant during innovation labs.

Are there any other design features of the PWRcor waistband that you would like to elaborate on? (16:59)

Tupita: The comfort factor of the PWRcor waistband. When a lot of people think about the compression of the waistband, they think it will be too tight, but our design team really worked to shape the waistband and make it a comfortable fit. After a while, you don't even feel like you're wearing the waistband.

Another fun feature that we incorporated was that inside drawcord, which provides support and stability but you don't have to worry about tying and untying the drawcord when you go to the restroom or are changing your pant.

Will we see this innovative feature in more collections and colors? (18:09)

Tupita: We're working on adding more colors that this feature is available in. We are also keeping our eye on other opportunities to incorporate the waistband in other collections.


Our innovative PWRcor™ compression waistband features:

💫 360° Core Support: Athletically designed to provide maximum support and posture control!

⬆️ High-Waist Fit: Lays flat at the waist allowing you to stay sharp and stand strong!

❌ Refuses to Roll: Waistband stays in place no matter how you choose to move!

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