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Thank You Nurses, For Everything.

Every day, nurses go to work and do something amazing, they care for others. They save lives.

They have names. They have families. They have fears. They are warriors, heroes – they are amazing.

For Nurse’s Week 2020, we wanted to highlight nurses, our frontline warriors, share their daily sacrifices and say thank you. Thank you for being truly amazing.


Meet Cory, a 4th year medical student who, when rotations were canceled, jumped at the chance to help his community and his country. Cory was a nurse before going to medical school and currently works in a COVID-19 ICU.

Cory shared what a typical workday would consist of. He shared the gut-wrenching feeling he gets every day. The worry for your family’s health, your patients’ health and your own.


This is Ashley, an ER nurse and doctor of NP, FNP student. Ashley is one of many ER nurses who man the frontlines of this pandemic, who are faced with anxious, scared patients every day. When she’s not working, she’s FaceTiming her family or sacrificing sleep to finish up schoolwork.

Below is a timeline Ashley provided of what a normal day looks like. Early days to accommodate her busy school schedule, long nights fighting for patients’ lives, and waking up thankful for another day.


Meet Vlaan, a Medical Surgical Nurse. Each day Vlaan washes and sanitizes her hands more than she can count – going in and out of patients’ rooms, donning and doffing PPE. Vlaan is one of many nurses that head straight to the shower after every shift, scrubbing off bacteria, hoping they didn’t potentially touch their face or catch COVID-19.

Vlaan, like so many, begin their days in preparation for the uncertainty that lies ahead, then she dresses in her armor and heads to battle.


This is Sharon. She is a Nurse Manager of Endoscopy. When the hospital was hit with it’s first COVID patients, all elective procedures came to a halt. Once her unit was shut down, Sharon jumped into action – arriving to work early to help with employee screening to deep cleaning all units to finding a spot for her employees on the COVID floors.

Each day for Sharon is filled with apprehension, worry and uncertainty. Each day is different. Each day consists of washing your hands until they are raw, comforting patients, ensuring your coworkers have eaten lunch, and fighting an invisible virus that has affected so many.


Meet Kelsie, an Emergency Department RN trying to adapt to this new normal. Trying to adjust to living and working through a pandemic, instead of merely learning about one in school. Each shift, Kelsie wonders and tries to prepare herself for the next 12+ hours, often telling herself before during and after work that she’s lucky. Lucky she has adequate PPE, while in reality – her fellow nurses do not. Lucky she still has a job, while many patients she helps do not. Lucky? Lucky that she cannot see her family, her grandparents, her young niece? Kelsie is a frontline warrior. Constantly fighting for her patients. Constantly reminding herself things could be worse. Constantly sacrificing time with family to ensure they are safe, healthy, and do not contract COVID-19.


These are just a few of our frontline warriors. Cory is a frontline warrior. Ashley is a frontline warrior. Vlaan is a frontline warrior. Sharon is a frontline warrior. Kelsie is a frontline warrior. They are all FRONTLINE WARRIORS.

Join us this week, and every week, in saying THANK YOU. Thank you for the daily sacrifices. Thank you for reusing your PPE. Thank you for calming us, for telling us everything will be okay. Thank you for being amazing.

Happy Nurses Week from Landau.